Parts of All of Us

The Simple and The Complex
The four imaginary characters
depicted in this story —
the mice: "Sniff" and "Scurry;' and
the Little people: "Hem" and "Haw" —
are intended to represent the simple and
the complex parts of ourselves, regardless of
our age, gender, race or nationality.

Sometimes we may act like

Who sniffs out change early, or

Who scurries into action, or

Who denies and resists change as he fears
it will lead to something worse, or

Who learns to adapt in time when he sees
changing can lead to something better!

Whatever parts of us we choose to use,
we all share something in common:
a need to find our way in the Maze
and succeed in changing times

nak buku pdf, minta dari saya. nak hard copy, beli la :)
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