Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

Blogging from my humble phone. Just a simple post to remind myself (ketuk2 kepala) how useful ur 'old' notes can be when u r stuying for IC3 exam in RCSI. Now i'm so grateful that i have a collection of my own notes from 2nd yr lectures. At least i need not have to dig out the sky high piles of notes. Teeeeheee. So jgn malas buat nota ok! And i have a very good reason to smile and keep motivated! Thanks for the 'reason'. Ayuh,belajar!

Nota metatarsal : deru angin dan bunyi hujan kota dublin menggapai2 saya ke arah duvet. Tapi xboleh! Kena blaja dgn kuat! My reward for today is tgk maharaja lawak. Go gambatte!

Doakan saya!

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