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Missing home!!

Ok, stay focused cik leen. I attended IMAM Symposium which was organised by IMAM Uk/Eire last weekend. MasyaAllah, it was indeed an eye opener for me in seeing medicine from the point of view of a Malaysian Muslim doctor, Dr.Munawar Muhammad Hatta. Here are some points that I managed to jot down and insyaAllah apply in my remaining years as a medical student.


1- Close relation with the Creator of life-Allah
*believe in the concept of tawheed
*concept of life and death - Izrail probably visits u even when u are treating an ill patient
*routine : doa, pray, mathurat, fasting

2- Be inspired by our role model
*Prophet s.a.w. and the Companions
*Great muslims -Ibnu Battuta, superb surgeons

3- Self dicipline and prioritization
*punctual - yes! take the earliest bus to Beaumont!
*avoid proscrastination
*stay focused - study and marriage?
*be in control - don't be too emo2 cik leen

4- Strong will and motivation
*remind of the struggle - the harder u fall, the higher u bounce!
*strive for excellence
*challenge yourself everyday
*NEVER give up. Gambatte!

5- Academic excellence
*offer help to teach others

6- Fiqh of medicine
*medical issue from Islamic prospective - read a lot!
*update latest/contemporary issue
*share with others the updates

7- Good learning culture
*develop interest - i love medicine!
*equip with additional skills
*research mentality

8- Soft skills
*public speaking - jom join Odechal next year!
*get feedback from audience

9- Multilingual
*master different languages i.e Mandarin, Tamil, ARABIC

10- Leadership skills
*gain respect and trust
*problem solving
*think out of the box

11- Stress and time management
*put whole trust on Qada and Qadar =)

12- Support system
*usrah - discuss personal things
*support system - family, friends

13- Relationship with peers
*take positive thing, throw far far away bad thing
*remember 2 things (ur fault, others' good deeds)
*forget 2 things (ur good deeds to others,others' fault)
*mingle with people from different background

14- Relationship with teachers
*ask for advice and prayer - urm, maybe pegi depan kelas salam dgn Spooner?

15- Relationship with family
*seek forgiveness and blessing
*become a role model to the relatives

16- Special interest/skills

17- Volunteerism/humanitarian work
*give back to ummah =) - jom join relief mission!
*fully utilize ur summer hols!

18- Building/expanding network
*non medical/NGO

19- Financially smart and stable
*budget, saving up money for house, car, list goes on......=)

20- Healthy lifestyle
*avoid risks
*walk ur talk, doctor!

InsyaAllah everyone will successfully graduate as a good medical student. But i want extra, a good MUSLIM doctor. InsyaAllah. Let us be ONE!
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