salam! urm...dalam kesibukan nak menghadapi card signing yang terakhir jumaat ni, aku terasa tekanan yang tak terhitung pascal nya. sempat aku meminjam sebuah buku dari library RCSI hari tu. tajuk 'How To Stop Feeling Tired and Start Living' by Dora Albert. Menarik sebab penulis buku ni bercerita tentang pengalaman hidupnya. banyak je buku-buku macam ni. maybe diameter buku ni lebih nipis. cepat nak habis baca. hehe... sesuai la di kala aku cam ketensionan menyiapkan projek HBS aritu. here's something to share :

1. Every week plan at least one activity you'll look forward to. (this part,urm insyaallah ada je aktiviti)
2. Expect success, not failure (mesti la! confident tu perlu )
Plan ahead and budget your time to avoid tensions and confusions. Find out what you peaks hour are, and plan your most important and demanding tasks for those hours when your energy is highest. (i do plan. but sometimes it doesn't really work. lagha ni...)
4. Read, memorise or listen to some positive thoughts each day. Start each day with a positive thought. (yup everyday!)
5. Maintain a serene attitude toward problem in life. (most of the times...well,yeah sometimes i NEED to cry. but then evrything wud be find. Allah knows best kan?)
6. Learn to think independently and to make your own decision. (masih mencari pegangan diri)

1. Listen to everyone you meet. Adopt an attitude of happy expectancy whenever you meet someone new. (insyaallah..sedang mencuba)
Believe that you possess all the energy you need to fill your life with sparkling interest. Act as if you have enthusiasm, and true enthusiasm will follow. (teringat lagu 'When U Believe-Mariah Carey. i try to bear in mind)
Make sure that your job challenges your powers, within reason. Don't settle for something you find easy but dull. (uh..perlukan anjakan paradigma!well,studying medicine is already a challenge)
Associate with others in activities that you find are fun for you. (always!)
Keep your mind alive by reading or taking courses in subjects that interest you, or by going to lectures. (lectures?everyday kot..ha,i read this book what!)
Join the do-it yourself movement, and stimulate yourself by attempting some creative activity. (ada la bwat sorang2)


1. Don't get too keyed up during day. (insyaallah..)
2. Don't spend long periods of time on one activity, but plan your day for variety. (lectures bukan penghalang!)
3. Try to stick to the same waking and sleeping hours as much as possible,within reason. ( ikut mood)
4. Avoid situations that leave you filled with regret and tensions. (gosh!patut la slalu x leh tido.)
5. Adopt a sleep ritual,doing the same thing every night before bedtime. (al-mulk wud b the best)
6. Keep a sleep diary, to find out what's best for you. (??)
7. Learn to relax your mind as well as your body. Say prayer before going to bed at night.
8. Never get into a stew about your supposed inability to sleep, but learn to rest quietly when unable to sleep. (bosan la...)

part ni yang buat aku paling tertarik :

'A feeling of happy and complete forgiveness to oneself and everyone else is necessary before one can sleep peacefully'

'Dan orang2 yang mampu menahan amarahnya dan memaafkan (kesalahan) orang
lain... (QS 3: 134)

insyaallah.. berusaha menjadi lebih baik. =)

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7 Responses
  1. cYiD Says:

    kemenarikan yang amat gak...
    all da besh for card signing!
    insyaallah luch will be on your side!
    allah knows best! =)

  2. huuu..rily hope luck on my side dis time! ckup la clive lee and atuk kelly. ku x sanggup sudah.. hehe.. tenkiu2..

  3. wowowow...mantap perkongsian ni...aku siap salin n tanpa kat dinding dpn meja study..

    may the success be ours, InsyaALLAH

  4. fuiyo..x sangka lak..aku sniri pun x tampal.hehe..kne cpai pen dan salin skg!

  5. ibnutoha Says:

    salam ziarah..
    best gak buku tu..
    cepat bace kau nak hold ni..
    aku dah nak buka library.rcsi ni..

    ok la tu dapat pakcik clive lee ngan atuk kelly..
    dah 2 kali aku dapat pakcik clive lee..
    grupmate aku kate esok mungkin dpt atuk kelly..bestnye!

    ~xsabar menunggu esok, menghitung hari~

  6. serius?! urm nak ckp tahniah ke? aku da mcm redha je ngan card signing. =) hehe.. hold la.aku pinjam smpai 7january ni. menarik.

  7. mc da bear Says:

    7 january....tarikh keramat tu beb...haha...